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The Creative Photography Society of Baltimore (CPS) was originally established in 2011 as the Baltimore HDR Club which focused on pictures using multiple image post-processing techniques such as HDR, Panorama and Focus Stacking.  When these techniques became part of mainstream photography, the name was changed to CPS in 2015 and the focus became general photography.


In 2017 CPS went on hiatus so that its leaders could contribute club monetary and people resources to the establishment of the Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA), an important hub for Maryland photography clubs to share knowledge and resources.  CPS started operations again during the winter of 2020.


CPS during 2021 will focus exclusively on Black and White photography.  All meetings will take place virtually through Zoom.  There will be five meetings scheduled through May 2021, before the next annual season starts in September.  There are no membership fees.  You pay only for the meetings you attend.


Here is what you can to do to stay involved with CPS:



We remain on the Board of the Maryland Photography Alliance.  And we remain committed to making the Creative Photography Society better than ever!


Let us know if you have any questions!


Steve Sattler                                                             Ron Peiffer

President                                                                   Vice President

Creative Photography Society (CPS)              Creative Photography Society (CPS)                               

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